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july 2nd get ready for the fireworks were open for lunch mon-tues thurs fri werd!



fRESHSTREET YAKITORI(BINCHO-TAN)is located inside of Double Happiness Bar . COL. OH 43215. We serve yakitori, kushiyaki, and small portion asian bar food. We are open Thu-Fri-Sat from 6:30pm-Midnight. WED We have FREEDOM ALA Carte

Read up on Freedom a la Cart and the cause that it supports in this month’s issue of ‘our Ohio’ magazine. GO FREEDOM!With this article and these pics, who wants to get in on the gardening fun? There *might* be freedom food vouchers attached to a one-month volunteer commitment. Contact chris for details. :)
Our Ohio – Food’s Foundation, building community with a meal
ABOVE AND BELOW: Volunteers in Athens County help distribute food on Friday in hopes that no children will have to start the school week hungry.

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